Automation sites

Distribution points (DP) of JSC Stavropolenergoinvest:

  • CDPP (Suvorova Str., 2)
  • DP-2 (Grizodubova Str., 37)
  • DP-8 (50 years of the Komsomol Str., 8a)
  • DP-9 (50 years of the Komsomol Str., 44/2)
  • DP-10 (45 Parallel Str., 4)
  • DP-12 (Krupskaya alley, 31)
  • DP-17 (Yunosti ave., 12)
  • DP-28 (Kulakov ave., 22)
  • Collection center (Grizodubov Str., 37).

Composition of work

Implementation of a remote control system at these facilities.

Purposes of remote control at facilities:

  • controlling the operating modes of distribution points and their display for staff
  • obtaining reliable data on the consumption of electricity at distribution points for the calculation of technical and economic indicators, preparing electricity and capacity balance sheets
  • increasing the efficiency of operational and dispatch management
  • increasing the reliability and trouble-free operation of electrical equipment
  • reduction of operational costs.

SEDMAX tasks:

  • automated collection and storage of information on the parameters of the power grid at the connections of 6(10)kV distribution points, the state of the main switching equipment, the operation of relay protection and automation devices and other remote control information
  • automated technical metering of electricity and capacity at the connections of 6(10)kV distribution points
  • automatic registration of power quality parameters at the connections of 6(10)kV distribution points
  • organization of remote control of the positions of all switches of 6(10)kV distribution points
  • providing operating staff with information for the use in operational and dispatch management of the electrical network operating modes.

System composite

The system is built as a 2-level information system.

  • It consists of a server with multifunctional SEDMAX software and converters of interfaces and ModbusTCP/ Modbus RTU protocols based on Moxa IA240 devices
  • It consists of multifunctional SATEC metering transducers with additional input/output modules.

The system performs the following functions: remote control, energy metering, self-diagnostics.

System Screenshots