Ilim Group launched a project of building telemechanic system at 33 power facilities of its branch in Bratsk (Irkutsk Region) including 28 6 kV distribution substations, 3 main step-down substations, generator switchgears of two Thermal Power Plants).
SEDMAX was selected as the top-level software for automation of collection and storing data about:

  • electrical network parameters;
  • state of the main switching equipment;
  • operation of the relay protection devices;
  • position of the 6 (10) kV mains and section circuit breakers
  • faults (disturbance records – waveforms)

SEDMAX will display collected and processed data at the user workstations, exchange data with existing information systems of pulp and paper mill.
The project in Bratsk is one of the major projects for the integrated dispatching of the energy facilities, covering the maximum volume of signals of the enterprise power network. Our software developers supported and tested the communication of SEDMAX with the following relay protection terminals:

  1. BZP-03 produced by LLC NPP “Microprocessor Technologies”
  2. EKRA 211/213 produced by OOO NPP "EKRA"
  3. Sepam 20/40/80 produced by Schneider Electric
  4. REF 542/615 produced by ABB
  5. MiCOM 122/123/127/225/921 produced by Schneider Electric
  6. BEMP produced by JSC "ChEAZ"

It will allow factory personnel to collect emergency alarms and disturbance records. These accurate, complete and reliable information data is helpful for studying and understanding the causes of faults and will take steps to optimize production processes to eliminate them.