The TEAM 2019 Partnership forum in Vologda was attended by guests from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Yekaterinburg, Sevastopol, and Jerusalem.

TEAM 2019 is a conference in the "make yourself at home" format, it is a gathering of like-minded people. It was important for us that everyone actively participates in the development of tools for creating a new partner business, based not on the desire to sell, but on the desire to realize the most ambitious projects and ideas that open up new horizons and prospects for the customer.

 At the business part of the forum, our colleagues from Israel presented a new line of SATEC devices. Conference guests were the first to see it in Russia! SEDMAX developers told about the software and shared their plans for the coming year. The head of SATEC R&D spoke about the global trends of the future in the field of energy and digitalization.

 The program of the event was not only the official part. For two days, our guests managed to be operators, promoters, passionate teenagers running around in search of "points" of the quest through the streets of Vologda. The last evening of the forum was held on the Kubensky Lake. We were fishing, archery, forging, and, of course, we just talked and enjoyed the nature of the Vologda region!

We live in an age of change and transformation. Global changes occur not only in politics and society, it occur everywhere. Therefore, in order not just to keep the occupied positions in the market, but to move forward it is necessary to constantly modernize your business.

 The experience of world leading companies such as Microsoft and IBM, MasterCard and Apple Pay, Google and GeoEye shows that partnership is one of the most effective development tools. Combining our efforts, we increase our potential to achieve the best result.

The main purpose of our forum was to talk about the possibility of reaching a new level of development, combining experience, intelligence and resources into a single union. This is a complex process that will require a hard work from partners. But the results that we can achieve together are worth it.