SEDMAX is opening a software developer club

Quality and code cleanliness are one of the most common problems in modern programming.

As a result of such problems, bugs and program defects occur.

The CODE WORKSHOP club is a community for those who strive to improve the quality of their work.


CODE WORKSHOP is a monthly training event in a workshop format. We discuss issues related to coding: everything that concern writing a qualitative code. Affected topics are clean and readable code, code organization, software architecture, object-oriented programming principles, principles of functional programming, modern programming languages.

For whom

Professional software developers
Team leads

How does CODE WORKSHOP work

The whole event lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. During this time we take one or two reports, then we review the real code with a collective discussion. Any participant before the event can propose both the code and the report. If you want to share something useful or listen to the opinion of professional developers about your code, offer your own topics and code snippets. Alternatively, you can just come and listen to other developers.

For what

This is the form of professional self-education. Far from being the only one, but very useful in terms of sharing experiences. Both senior and junior developers can learn a lot of interesting and useful things for themselves.

Nearest club event



10 Sergey Preminin St., Vologda

SEDMAX office



Valery Chugreev

A leading SEDMAX developer

He has been working on code development for more than 25 years

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