A system for electric power quality control was created by ENPRO and AO Atomenergopromsbyt using SATEC PM130EH meters and SEDMAX software. The system can collect data on the mains voltage at a frequency of 5 times per second enabling the users of the system to monitor the electrical power quality online. SEDMAX also provided an opportunity to upload large data volumes for any given period of time in a custom format. These data are used to analyze power quality and to find the solutions to improve power quality at the facilities owned by Atomenergosbyt.

In addition, the system also allows analyzing the interrelated changes of active power and frequency to preliminarily analyze causes and identify significant frequency deviations. For example, the figure below shows significant frequency deviations from the reference values, which could not be physically caused by power imbalance at Customer's power plants.

The power consumers of the Customer are connected to the regional power grid, which is poorly linked to the Unified Energy System (UES). Such frequency deviations were also detected at the linked facilities within this grid. The reason for such frequency deviations was, most likely, related to recurrent power imbalances between the regional power grid and UES, which could not be offset due to weak links between these two systems. However, the likelihood of such deviations must be considered when choosing process equipment for the consumer.