The GO programming language is becoming more and more popular in the IT world, so over 600 people visited GopherCon 2019.

In particular, SEDMAX developers noted the presentation of Gett developers and their approach to development planning. The development organization workshop, given by ozon.ru experts, also drew their attention.

Aleksandr Valyalkin and Marko Kevac, acknowledged experts of application optimization, were among the speakers. Marko's Habr articles on "How to boost the Go program performance 23-fold" have inspired many developers never to rest on their laurels, and Aleksandr is well-known inside the community for his fasthttp and quicktemplate packages. Currently, he is developing his own VictoriaMetrics timeseries database, which is going to outshine all the competitors in the market.

Our developers were also impressed by the presentation on the timeseries DB development for Siemens. It didn't have many technical details, but to see the common trend of using Go for writing timeseries databases is a real pleasure. Apart from the well-known InfluxDB and Prometheus, M3DB by Uber and BTrDB by the University of California, Berkeley are also making a contribution, with the latter putting in a phenomenal performance.

Two days before the conference, a pre-party was held, where you could listen to the presentations that were not included in the main part of the conference. The event highlighted security issues with real-life cases of hacker attacks and business-critical information security problems. Florin Patan's "Home" project drew special attention: it implements the functionality of a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa/Yandex Alice/Google Assistant. It is an actual device based on Raspberry PI, open-source speech recognition/synthesis libraries and, of course, Go. Florin brought the device with him and demonstrated it live, explaining how it can be used as a control center for the "smart" home.

It was a big day for our developers. There were two streams of presentations. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to hear all the speakers, but all the presentations were recorded and uploaded by the hosts. So, we can revisit the event and fill in the gaps at our own convenience.